Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It All Adds Up!

Jay and I turned in our change that we've been saving into the bank today...not because our jar was completely full but because we couldn't wait any longer.  120 bucks!  We've been paying cash for a lot of things and collecting change like mad.  It's all change that we haven't noticeably missed from our income and wallah...$120!
We also got our formal application in the mail for our homestudy and will be sending it off tomorrow.  A homestudy for those of you not familiar with adoption is by definition:  a screening of the home and life of prospective adoptive parents prior to allowing an adoption to take place. In some places, and in all international adoptions, a home study is required by law.  (google web)
In a nutshell these people will assess our marriage, finances, health, home-life, our views on parenting, disciplining and our capabilities to parent a foreign child.
Sounds like a lot!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to our Blog!!

We've finally got the blog up and running and are excited to walk through this journey with our friends and family.  Jason and I have been centering our minds on adoption for the last year.  Our first interest was South Korea...what beautiful babies?!!  We then moved our hearts to Ethiopia, Africa.  We had met some people along the way that had adopted here and the need was and is great.  A few weeks ago Ethiopia closed it's doors to 90% of the international adoptions they were doing.  There are a lot of waiting families in the Ethiopia program already.  We then began searching our hearts again and were feeling defeated.  As we continued to search and pray we felt that Lesotho, Africa was the country that God wanted us to pursue.  So that is where our true journey begins.  We have submitted our pre-application to a local homestudy agency to begin the 1st steps.  I will keep you posted!