Wednesday, November 23, 2011

USCIS Paperwork...

We are getting ready to head into Thanksgiving weekend and I had a goal of getting our USCIS paperwork out in the mail by 11/24/11.  The director of AFAA looked over our paperwork and asked us to make several corrections.  So, I was ecstatic that she took the time to go over it so we could get this done right.  USCIS paperwork went out in the mail today!  Next, we'll get a date and time for an appointment in the mail where we'll travel to Kansas City for some more fingerprinting. 

My brother and his family are in town this weekend so I'm hoping to post some cute pictures in the next few days.  Jason and I both work Thanksgiving Day so we'll be celebrating a day late, but at least we can all be together. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm Thankful...

I don't know if many of you get on facebook, but the trend recently as Thanksgiving is coming up is to name things you are thankful for.  I haven't been participating on there but I have read what some of my friends are thankful for and I've thought about some of my own.

This morning, on Veteran's Day, I'm off work and am very thankful for that!  On a serious note, I'm thankful for those who have served our country and those currently serving.  My path has crossed some amazing people in the past couple years that are serving in the military and their incredible families.  It's a courageous and self-less act and to you all I say THANK YOU!

On the adoption side....I've had a break in the paperwork since our home study wrapped up in the summer.  We are currently working on filling out ONE form that needs to be submitted to USCIS and for some reason it's been more challenging than expected.  There are a lot of important questions on this form and I don't want to mess up!  I mentioned a couple in church that I met last week that has adopted a little boy and is now in the processess of adopting a little girl.  This morning, I'm thankful for Keela!!  The names of forms and the adoption lingo are pretty foreign to most people so having someone to walk me through some of this is incredibly appreciated.  I'm a detail oriented person so I have a tendence to ask a lot of questions and pick things a part.  Thank you Keela for your patience!

We need to get some documents together but I hope to get this form mailed off this week.  At that point, we'll wait for the approval and then get an appointment date and time in the mail.  Then we'll travel to get fingerprints done.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Couple of Answers....

I wrote Cheryl from AFAA an email to get a few things cleared up.  We've been waiting to submit our I-600A Application to USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) until our home study was 4 or 5 months old.  Cheryl gave us the go ahead to work on that and get our appointment set up.  I believe we will probably travel to Kansas City to complete this.

Second, I asked her if we were able to get matched during a "matching" meeting without having our USCIS paperwork submitted.  Her response: "The Government of Lesotho does not need to see a family's I-600A - only the US Embassy.  I took your authenticated dossier in to Lesotho when I went in a few weeks ago.  It would be terrific if you were matched at their next "matching" meeting but there is no guarantee."

So, that is the latest.  We also met another family at church that has adopted and is in the process of adopting again.  You can check out their blog to the right...Adopting Baby Davis.  It's encouraging to meet others that are walking down the same road!