About Us

We have been married for 6 years and are excited to grow our family and walk into parenthood together!  We have a passion for international adoption and feel that God wants us to pursue an adoption through the country of Lesotho.  Adoption is not a "have to" type of thing for us or our last resort.  We aren't trying to just "save" a life.  We want to be parents and I have a feeling this child and this process will teach us more about life and love than we will ever be able to teach a child.  God has placed this on our hearts and the call is unmistakeable. 

Jason-loves to hunt, fish, and sleep.  He enjoys going to the gun range to test out his new toys :)  He has a passion for the field of law enforcement and currently holds the position of a Correctional Officer.  He loves people and can talk to just about anyone.  Jason is often the one making people laugh at any family get-togethers and he always likes hearing a good story!

Kelly-I love to spend time with family, exercise, shop, bake and take our spoiled dog to the park for walks.  I love the fall, Christmas lights and coffee...but not just black :) Spending time doing anything outside is always a favorite past-time of mine.  I am very much addicted to routines and have a passion for animals.  I don't really get into movies but I love music!  I'm working for our local sheriff's office and am really enjoy it!

We have one yellow lab named Cash and he has been the baby in our family for 7 years now.  Cash is very sweet, loyal and at times...crazy.  He occasionally gets a "Marley" streak in him if you've seen the movie.  Jason does the disciplining and I do the spoiling. 

Meet Cash