Monday, July 25, 2011

So much to say, so little time....wait...reverse that

We still have no new news to report to ya'll. We've been in limbo for the last couple of weeks coming to an agreement on an age range that AFAA and All Blessings will accept. AFAA says our homestudy looks great but there is concern over our requested age range...0 to 18 months. All Blessings (our home study agency)would like us to be approved up to age 5 to prevent delays in bring our child home. This has been a frustrating couple of weeks but I feel we are on the verge of moving forward. Jason and I decided that we would get our homestudy approval for 0 to 3 years old and then state a preferred age of 0 to 24 months. God knows our heart's desires and we just have to remember that He is in control of every step.

This past weekend we went to Oklahoma to visit Casey and the girls. Hannah was having a girls weekend at the lake so we missed her. On a surprise note, my sister, Courtney and her boys made the trip up so it was good to get a quick visit in!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A little bit of news...

Heard the definition of faith today described as "ceasing your efforts".  This stood out to me because it's a reminder to give up control and completely trust God.  I find this pretty fitting considering some of the emails that were exchanged this week.

 AFAA sent an email to our homestudy agency asking if we would be interested in increasing the age range we are looking at adopting.  Cheryl, from AFAA advised that the wait will be longer for a younger child and the waiting timeline is uknown.  That wasn't exactly positive news to receive this week.  "Uknown" is not a real great word to hear...considering that I'm such a planner and like to have some sort of clue as to what is going on.  Jason and I have thought about it and still feel that God will provide a baby for us to adopt.  Our requested age range is 0 to 18 months at time of placement and we will continue to pray that God will work and move in this.  I hope we can use this time to continue to save and raise money and enjoy the time we have left as a family of two.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More pictures...less of an update

Still no word from AFAA on whether we are approved and moving forward.   I sent an email to them a couple of weeks ago and have heard nothing as of yet.  We are working on being patient and enjoying the summer.  We got to spend a day at the lake with family for the 4th of July and thoroughly enjoyed this holiday off of work!  I hope to post more of an update soon!