Monday, June 4, 2012

On my mind...

Allow me to get real about how this journey has been the last couple weeks.  One word: frustrating!  I like to keep this blog pretty upbeat and try not to vent a lot...after all I don't want this to feel like you are reading your facebook page and reading dreary status updates from people you half way know. :) (er...maybe that's just my facebook friends haha)

Okay...back to the point.  Not only did it stink to not get matched but the longer this journey takes the more expensive it gets.  The longer it takes the more things expire and it's costly to get them renewed. Our home study expires in July and I found out today that it costs nearly the same amount to renew it than it did to initially get it done.  It was very defeating to read through the costs and required paperwork.  To be honest, I hate thinking about money and hate even more to stress about it.  I realize though that this is another area that I need to give to God.  I tend to really hold tight when it comes to finances and don't ever really feel that I've given that part of my life to Him. 

 I guess I'm just ready for some good news...I'm just so ready for that match.  Over the past 2 weeks I've learned that I probably shouldn't read my emails at work.  I read that we didn't get a match while at work and spent half the day in the bathroom crying and the other half being a baby to one of my trusty coworkers. (Thanks Nicole!) Then I read about all the added costs today in another email and was automatically frustrated.  For my coworkers sake and for my sake...maybe I should save the adoption emails for home. 

Please keep praying over that meeting and praying for that baby.  I know God is big and can move hopes are that He does this in Africa very soon.


  1. Praying for you and for the next match meeting to be soon. It IS frustrating! Waiting stinks. God can handle your frustration, and he will use it for good!

  2. All you can do is keep praying. We started in Lesotho, and in Dec 2010, our paperwork was ready and there (there was supposed to be a dec matching meeting that never happened). Over the next few months, my wife, who avidly reads the boards and groups, started to get an indication that things were not going well. We switched to uganda in April 2011 and I brought home 2 boys by God's grace Dec 23rd. Not sure how the Lesotho program is going now, but all things africa are very frustrating! Mostly because we expect things to work a certain way and they never do over there. I am sure Jim and Teresa tell you that always. I really hope and pray it goes well with you, we are the millers in texas, you can reach me at if we can do anything for you.